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Cyber Risk

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In our increasingly online and digital world, every company has a potential “cyber risk.” It is a term used frequently and a topic of the daily news cycle. Cyber risk represents two major perils: network security failure and privacy incident, which simply means an organization’s failure to protect its computer systems or private information or both. A network security failure or a privacy incident can be totally intertwined or mutually exclusive. If either of these incidents occur there can be various losses your organization can suffer.

Starr’s Cyber Risk Response policy addresses many of the common repercussions organizations face as a result of cyber risk perils. We provide protection for losses with a comprehensive policy form that is designed to pay for various expenses sustained by your organization from an actual or suspected network security failure or privacy incident.


Cyber Risk Insurance 

In addition, the policy will also provide defense costs and pay for damages that arise from legal liability stemming from these types of incidents.


  • Adaptable coverage for a client’s growing business, including manuscript endorsements
  • Responds on a discovery basis – No Retroactive Date
  • Coverage for third-party computer service providers and information handlers
  • Knowledge limited to executive officers
  • Rogue employee carve – back
  • Cyber Terrorism Coverage
  • Other Insurance Clause options – primary or excess to other insurance policies
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Wrongful Collection
  • Non-Physical Damage Loss of Use (Bricking)
  • Voluntary Shutdown
  • Reputational Loss Coverage

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