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Drone/Unnamed Aircraft

 Learn More about coverages that can be taylored to the specific needs of individual operators for your drone and unnamed aircrafts. 


Drone Insurance 

The unmanned aircraft industry is poised for takeoff, with dramatic implications for everything from public safety,
to farming, to infrastructure maintenance. Already, unmanned aircraft are enabling jobs ranging from agricultural monitoring to wildfire surveillance to be done more safely, cost efficiently and effectively than ever before.
As regulatory hurdles are cleared, use of unmanned aircraft across a spectrum of industries is expected to
accelerate rapidly.

The integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Aerospace System is expected to contribute
$82.1 billion to the nation’s economy by agriculture, public safety and other activities.

As your clients move into this promising arena, they can confidently carry with them insurance tailored to fit this risk.
AIG, a leader in the aerospace insurance industry for nearly 70 years, has developed Unmanned Aircraft Insurance
expressly for the exposures facing operators of remotely piloted, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous aircraft.

Coverage Details

  • Flexible coverage
    Terms and conditions customizable to individual needs.
  • Policy language
    Drafted specifically to respond to the exposures of unmanned aircraft.
  • No exclusion
    For loss arising from electronic malfunctions and failure of electronic components, accessories, and power equipment (Such exclusion is standard on manned aircraft policies).
  • Coverage for aircraft operators
    Including non-pilot and on-ground crewmembers.
  • Coverage for physical damage
    For damage to the aircraft itself, along with installed or carried equipment and ground control units.
  • Optional war, hijacking, and terrorism coverage

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