Dear Valued Producer,

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to escalate since our previous communication, we would like to provide you with further details about IMG’s operational plans and how they may impact you and your clients. IMG is here working for you and we will continue to do so during this difficult time.

IMG’s Chief Medical Officer and medical team continue to pay close attention to the fluid circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, including all warnings and advisories issued by government officials and the CDC.

Based on these recommendations and in accordance with IMG’s own pandemic response plans, we recently initiated our work from home policy. We believe this was necessary to protect the health and wellbeing of the IMG team, while also allowing us to continue serving you and your customers with limited service interruptions.

As a result of these remote working measures, please keep the following in mind as to how this may impact you or your customers’ interactions with our team members:

  • As schools, daycares, and other companies close, it is likely that there will be others at home with our employees – including children, family members, and pets. All efforts will be made to keep background noise to a minimum, however that may be easier for some employees than others, depending on their specific situation
  • There may be minor service interruptions as employees adjust to a new work environment and surroundings. We will continue to evaluate productivity daily and will address any issues as they arise

Furthermore, expect the following processes to be delayed or halted if IMG is required to temporarily close the office or if mail service is suspended:

  • USPS mail service, affecting mail delivery both to and from IMG.  We recommend that IMG claims be submitted to and iTravelInsured claims be sent to
  • Fulfillment of IMG physical ID cards and other documents.  As always, IMG plan documents, including ID cards, can be accessed through our website

Like other travel companies and insurance organizations, we are experiencing a high volume of calls, emails, and inquiries regarding COVID-19. We appreciate your patience as we diligently work to respond to all inquiries. For information regarding COVID-19 and how plan or policy benefits may be affected, please visit our dedicated resource page.

Additionally, beginning in late January, IMG’s systems were down due to a cyber incident. Our systems and processes were recently restored, and while we are making good progress, we are still working through our backlog from this time period.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this trying time and assure you we are actively working to return our service levels back to pre-outage levels.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your Account Executive for assistance.


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